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Was very helpful. Can't wait to take another class!

Terri D.    Lakeland, FL   

Enjoyed your workshop! Willl be able to document our upcoming trip so much better!

Donna G.    Lakeland, FL   

Great class! The practical experience of hands on in class was exceptional. The Photo Safari was so invigorating and fun. Thank you Robbin for sharing your expertise and skills.

Dorothy T.    Lakeland   

Informative and fun! A good start to learn how to use your camera. Gives you a good foundation.....and inspires you to learn even more.

Michael G.    Lakeland   

This class was a great starting point for learning my camera and the relationship between functions. I am excited to be able to use the manual mode.

Carmen B.    Lakeland   

Instructions were clear, easily understood and easy to follow. The Photo Safari was great. To put into immediate practice after the workshop was a great reinforcement. Robbin is a great instructor.

Lois T.    Lakeland   

The class was so helpful with tons of information. The Safari was the highlight for me. You immediately get to apply what you learned . I will definitely do more classes and even a one on one session!

Kathie S.    Lithia, FL   

I came in not knowing much about the settings on my camera, leaving with much more knowledge and how take a picture out of automatic setting!!

Jessica J.    Winter Haven, FL   

Robbin is a marvelous tutor and takes a genuine interest in each of her students.

Sarah C.    Lakeland, FL   

One of the best classes of any sort I have been to. Robbin is clear, thorough, knowledgable, and passes her knowledge on very well.

Leah G.    Lakeland   

Interesting, informative and fun!

Carol V.    Lakeland, FL   

I enjoyed it very much and will recommend the workshop to others as well. Robbin explained it all very well and was very helpful with the Safari too! Thank you so much for the experience!

Connie W.    Lakeland   

The Camera Coaching Series is well worth both the time and money to learn more about your camera's functions.

Anne B.    Lakeland   

This is an excellent refresher for those who have not kept up with photography, or a great introduction for the novice.

Rosemary B.    Lakeland   

Great experience! I have taken pictures for years, but never understood ISO, aperture and shutter speed.

Donna L.    Lakeland   

Would recommend to everyone with an interest in photography. The Photo Safari with attention to ISO, aperture and shutter speed was very helpful to a novice photographer!

Betty K.    Lakeland   

Camera Coaching Series was a very practical hands-on experience. Robbin broke down difficult terminology and taught us how to apply it to our photography. I would love to attend another session!

Jillian F.    Lakeland   

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